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  • Viewing attached documents, pending actions and action history in a Travel Authorization

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Viewing Attached Documents

  • Once you have submitted a Travel Authorization for approvals, you may want to follow its progress through workflow, or view the details of the TA.
  • The View Travel Authorizations page will allow you to see where your TA is in the approval process, what approver(s) have completed their review, what actions have been taken (approved, sent back), and any comments that were added.
  • Attached documentation may be viewed and printed.
  • You can also view any information entered on your TA, such as the header information, detail line information, and accounting details, to name a few. You cannot make changes, but you can view all details. 

First, you must navigate to the View Travel Authorization page.

Select a Search By parameter (Authorization ID is the default), enter the appropriate information, and click Search. Alternately, you can hit search, and the system will display the TAs to view, as shown at the right. Click on the Authorization ID hyperlink to select a TA to view.


Confirming where your TA is in the approval process

 The main reasons that people view their TAs is to see where they are in the approvals process, or to view/print the attached documentation.


In the screen below, you can see that the View page is structured like the Create page. You can navigate through it just like that page, and all the tabs, icons and hyperlinks are the same.


To view the attached documentation, click on the Attachments hyperlink in the upper right.


How do I attach supporting documentation to a Travel Authorization?


The Pending Actions section displays exactly where a Travel Authorization is in the Approvals process. In the below example, you can see that the TA is at the Project Budget Manager stage, and after that stage, it needs to pass through the HR Supervisor, DOR Approver and Prepay Approver stages before it is fully approved for payment. Once the TA is fully approved, this section will no longer be visible.


Please note that there may be multiple approvers at each stage. Because of this, in the Name column the system does not display specific approvers names and shows only the word "Pooled", as shown below.


To see what approvers are in the "pool" for the current stage of approvals, run the query CU_EX_PENDING_TA_APPROVERS.

Reviewing the actions taken on your TA


The Action History section displays exactly what actions have been taken on the TA so far.As each step is completed, a row will be added to this grid, and eventually, you will see all stages completed.