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The ClarksonUniversity network is available with no authentication for general and guest network access.

Clarkson University also subscribes to eduroam®. Using eduroam® on-campus, as a member of the University, will connect you to your building's wired network. You will be able to access on-campus resources, as well as the devices you have in your on-campus office or residence, wirelessly. More information about eduroam® can be found here:

Instructions for Access

In most cases, you can connect to eduroam® by navigating to on your device then following the instructions to download the eduroam installer. When authenticating, be sure to include after your username.

Detailed instructions for connecting to Wi-Fi at Clarkson University can be found here:


Pervasive wireless has been fully deployed in the following campus buildings:

Residence Halls:

  • Hamlin/Powers
  • Graham Hall: Donahue, Olson, Van Note, Wilson
  • Moore House
  • Price Hall: Farrisee, Ormsby, Newell, Thomas
  • Riverside Apartments
  • The Quad: Brooks, Cubley, Reynolds, Ross
  • Theme Houses
  • Townhouse Apartments
  • Woodstock Village

Academic / Administrative Buildings:

  • 80 Nott Terrace (CRC)
  • ADK Lodge
  • Bertrand H. Snell Hall (New Snell)
  • CAMP
  • Cheel
  • Clarkson Hall
  • ERC
  • Facilities Building
  • Graham Hall
  • Holcroft
  • IRC/Field house
  • Old Main
  • Price Hall
  • Quad Center Core
  • Rowley
  • Science Center
  • Student Center
  • TAC
  • Woodstock Lodge

You are NOT permitted to install your own wireless router, access point, or repeater. If you are experiencing a wireless coverage issue in a building listed above, please contact the IT HelpDesk for assistance.