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Setting up the nVision drill toolbar For Excel 2016

1)      Download the file 

2)      In Windows Explorer, copy DrillToPia.xla from the zip file and place it in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16  folder.

3)      Open Excel 2016, click on the File menu then click on Options at the bottom.

4)     Select the Add-Ins entry from the left side menu.

NOTE: there are like “No Active Application Add-Ins” show at the top

5)      At the bottom of the Add-ins dialog box, there is an entry to Manage: "Excel Add-Ins". Hit the Go button.

6)      You may have to click the Browse button and navigate to the ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16 directory.  Select the DrilltoPia.xla file.

7)       Make sure the Drilltopia.xla add-in is checked and select ok.

8)     Click Ok to go back to Excel. If you want to confirm install, navigate back to the Add-Ins option (step 4), and you should see DrillToPIA in the list.

9)      When you are in Excel you will now see an Add-ins toolbar.  This new toolbar will have the nVisionDrill item.