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1.0 Overview

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for processes that are intended to prevent the spread of computer viruses or worms.

2.0 Purpose

3.0 Scope

This policy applies to all Clarkson University employees and affiliates. 

4.0 Policy

Updates to software packages are frequently released by vendors to fix bugs, patch security vulnerabilities and add additional features to a piece of software.  From a security standpoint, it is essential that all updates be applied as soon as possible. 

All Windows based computers should be configured to connect to the Clarkson University Windows Server Update Service (WSUS).  This configuration will allow Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office to be updated on a regular basis, based on local copies of the updates.

The anti-virus software supplied by the University should be configured to regularly attach to the Clarkson University update server to retrieve product updates and new anti-virus definitions.  This will help to ensure that zero-day virus outbreaks can be contained as quickly as possible.

All other software packages should be updated on a regular basis.  As soon as a user becomes aware of a software update, it should be tested and applied.

5.0 Enforcement

6.0 Definitions