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1.0 Overview

As the Office of Information Technology deploys pervasive wireless network connectivity throughout campus buildings, it becomes necessary to prohibit the use of personally installed wireless access points.  These personally owned wireless access points operate in the same radio frequency spectrum as officially deployed access points and often cause interference in the forms of decreased wireless throughput and increased latency.  

2.0 Purpose

This policy is designed to provide guidance surrounding the campus wireless networking infrastructure.

3.0 Scope

This policy impacts all users of Clarkson University network resources.

4.0 Policy

4.1 Personally Owned Wireless Access Points

Within University buildings where pervasive wireless is deployed, only wireless networking equipment installed and managed by or under the auspices of the Office of Information Technology is allowed to be connected to the University network.  A complete listing of buildings with pervasive wireless is available on the website of the Office of Information Technology.

4.2 Clarkson University Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs)

Only wireless access points that are installed and managed by or under the auspices of the Office of Information Technology are permitted to broadcast standard University SSIDs.

4.3 Interference

Several categories of devices use radio frequencies in the same range as wireless Ethernet; therefore, other devices that use these frequencies may disrupt wireless network communications. Such devices include cordless phones, microwave ovens, and personal network devices using Bluetooth technology. This interference can be intermittent and difficult to diagnose. OIT will work to resolve frequency conflicts, but cannot be responsible for resolving problems resulting from non-network wireless devices. If a device installed by an individual or department interferes with the wireless network maintained by OIT, the owner of the device must cooperate to resolve the conflict (regardless of whether the device is or is not connected to the University network).

5.0 Enforcement

Failures to adhere to this policy will trigger actions in accordance with policy Misuse and Abuse of IT Resources.

6.0 Definitions

Standard University SSIDs - any SSID containing the word or phrases "Clarkson", "ClarksonGuest", "ClarksonSecure" or "ClarksonUniversity."