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This page is designed to assist Clarkson faculty and staff with the administrative processing related to student records. Contact the Registrar's office or SAS if you are unable to find the answers to your questions here!

What is SAS?

SAS is a combination of the Registrar's office and Bursar's office, with strong connections to Financial Aid and the Office of University Advising. At the heart of SAS are the Student Achievement Specialists, who are cross-trained in in academic records and student financials, with basic cross-training in Financial Aid and Academic Advising. Every student is assigned a SAS Specialist who will build a personal relationship with them throughout their time at Clarkson. If there is a need for a student (or family member) to contact SAS, they should request first to speak with their Specialist. 

Potsdam Campus Phone: 315-268-6451

TAC 207

Capital Region Phone: 518-631-9910

80 Nott Terrace, Graduate Center Office

Main email address for questions directed to registrar, bursar, and financial aid. Emails are triaged by the SAS front-desk staff, responded to within one business day, or forwarded to specialists for further assistance. If you aren't sure where to direct a question to, send it here!

Main email address for graduate student-related questions. Monitored by the SAS Grad Specialists.  The Specialists are cross-trained in all areas of student records, student financials, with cross-training in financial aid and academic advising. They are trained to interpret academic records, and are heavily involved in the billing and financial aid processes.  The Specialists are also the main point of contact for employer reimbursement.

Main email address for the Registrar's office, and monitored by all Registrar staff members.  Emails related to transfer credit, withdrawals, grading, graduation status, transcripts, major/minor/degree changes, etc. If it is academic-related, and you aren't sure where to send it - send it here.

Monitored by University Events and the Registrar's office. All emails related to the graduation ceremony should be directed here.

Monitored by the Registrar office staff that manage the class schedule, course catalog, and final exam schedule. Dedicated email address for academic departments to send requests to modify the class schedule for quickest turn-around.