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Applies to all graduate students except Health Science and MAT programs


  • All grades must be turned in and posted

  • All Pass/No Credit updates should be completed

Quantitative Review Standards:

  • Good Standing = 3.000 GPA or higher

  • Academic Separation = GPA below 2.700 and previous term Academic Warning

  • All other scenarios = Academic Warning

PeopleSoft will calculate academic standing for each student based on the above quantitative standards.

Registrar’s office will do an initial review to ensure the system applied the standards correctly.

Qualitative Review Standards:

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress

Graduate Coordinator and Program Administrator will review each student for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Communication to Students:

Grad Coordinators use template letters to communicate to students


Timeline -


  • Academic Standing (quantitative and qualitative) reviewed and updated in PeopleSoft

  • Grad coordinators produce letters to dismissed students (emailed w/ hard copy to home address, and copy to SAS)


  • Grad Coordinators produce letter/email to students on Warning (do NOT need to provide Warning Letters to SAS, only need to provide SAS with Separation Letters)
  • Dismissed students may request continuance
  • Grad Coordinator send another reminder out to those students not heard from to let them know if we do not hear from them by the 3rd day (list the date) they will be withdrawn from the university. 
  • Students who did not request continuance by the end of the 3rd day: Grad Coordinator sends Withdrawal form to Registrar (reason: Academic Separation). 


  • All continuance requests are reviewed and decisions communicated to students/copy to Registrar’s office

  • Students who were denied: Grad Coordinator sends Withdrawal form to Registrar (reason: Academic Separation) as soon as they are aware of denial.

  • Registrar’s office updates student record in PeopleSoft as follows: future terms canceled, courses dropped, holds removed, and future tuition/fees removed; program marked as Dismissed.

  • Registrar’s office will file in Nolij the Separation letter, Continuance Appeal and decision, and Withdrawal forms, as appropriate

Spring to Summer Quarter - grades for spring quarter are due on day 3 of summer quarter - students whose previous academic standing was “warning” and did not achieve at least a 2.700 may be separated as far as 2 weeks into summer quarter. A notice is being added to the academic warning letter to address this.

Note: Non-matriculated students, and Certificate-seeking students are NOT subject to the current academic standing policy.