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The process for awarding an advanced certificate at the same time an MS degree is awarded is outlined below.

  1. Student and Advisor have a conversation about the possibility of earning a certificate along with their Master’s Degree. Advisor should notify student that they need to fill out a program add form and return it to their Graduate Coordinator. Students should not fill out the application in Slate, it has been updated with a message directing them to complete the program add form and return to their Graduate Coordinator if they are enrolled as a current Master’s Degree student.

  2. Student will provide Graduate Coordinator with their program add form (or work with their Graduate Coordinator to fill out the form).

  3. Graduate Coordinator will scan the form into Nolij and create a Certificate Milestone that can be tracked in myCU(PeopleSoft).

  4. Registrar’s Office will send out final graduation lists.

  5. Graduate Coordinator will run CU_GRAD_ACTIVE_MILESTONES to find anyone with a Certificate Milestone and confirm with Department that the student is eligible for a specific certificate once they’ve completed their Master’s Degree.

  6. Graduate Coordinators will work with Academic Departments to review the lists and confirm that the students are eligible for graduation.

  7. Graduate Coordinators will send Program Add forms and a list of student’s earning certificates at the same time as their Master’s to the Registrar’s Office when they return the reviewed final graduation lists.

  8. The Registrar’s Office will confirm the student’s Master’s Degree is being awarded per the list, then will add the certificate program to the student’s record.

  9. Registrar’s Office will send out the voting list to Academic Departments for review prior to the General Faculty meeting.

  10. Academic Departments will review the voting list for accuracy and send any changes to the Registrar’s Office.
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