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Financial Aid

Outside Scholarship Policy


Student Financials

Tuition Calc, Term Fees, and Criteria


Invoice Process


The Refund Process


NY State TAP


Student Records

Class Schedule and Waitlist - requires updating (9/2021)


Graduate Student Withdrawals


*updated 2019

GI Bill Benefits and VA Student Management  - requires updating (9/2021)


Transfer Credit


Academic Honors


Incomplete Grades  - requires updating (9/2021)


Cross-Registration  - requires updating (9/2021)


Study Abroad / Co-op





Transcripts: Official or Unofficial, that is the question


NY State Professional Education Certification


General Training

How to Zoom

*Note: You should not Zoom in from a remote connection. Zoom works best when you are using your own computer or mobile device.




The Clearance & Check-in Process



Employer Reimbursement


Legal vs Personal Information


Email Etiquette


Gmail General Settings


Gmail Advanced Settings


Google Drive Basics


Virtual EMS


Google Docs


Google Slides

Google Sheets


Parchment Training

General Training