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A list of joint programs can be found here:


Joint Program student groups in myCU

DescriptionDefinitionStudent Group
Union College AcceleratedStudents are matriculated undergraduates at Union College, and are admitted to Clarkson in their Junior or Senior year. Students in this program are permitted an extra course through the standing cross-registration agreement with Union CollegeACCL
Albany College of Pharmacy, PharmDStudents are matriculated at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACP) in the PharmD program, and are pursuing the Healthcare MBA (HC-MBA) at Clarkson. Some courses from ACP will transfer to ClarksonACPD
Albany College of Pharmacy, Pharm BSStudents are matriculated at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACP) in the Pharmaceutical Sciences BS program, and are pursuing the Healthcare MBA (HC-MBA) at Clarkson. They may take courses at CRC during their Junior or Senior year at ACP.ACPB
Albany Law SchoolThese students are matriculated at Albany Law School, and are pursuing one of three degrees at Clarkson. The agreement allows for transfer credit between programs. Students are permitted to do the MGMTD-MBA, the HC-MBA, or the BIOETH-MS at Clarkson.ALS
Albany Medical CollegeThese students have been accepted into Albany Medical College, but delay entry for 1 year, to take courses at CRC in the Healthcare MBA program (HC-MBA). There is a transfer credit agreement between programs.AMC

Additional technical notes for Clarkson staff:

Managing student records for students enrolled in the HC-MBA and PharmD at Albany College of Pharmacy

  • Students are enrolled at Clarkson in HC-MBA degree and the ACPD student group
  • Most courses for the HC-MBA are taken at Clarkson, though some are transferred in from ACP. (See website linked above for current program details.)

When a student in this program is finished taking Clarkson classes, their graduate coordinator will submit paperwork to put them on SPN for "graduation" with no return term. The graduate coordinator will indicate to the Registrar's office which term the student is expected to complete their MBA degree requirements through transfer credit from ACP. 

The student will complete the relevant coursework and rotations at ACP and will submit an official ACP transcript to Clarkson University. 

The graduate coordinator will facilitate the evaluation of coursework and completion of the graduate transfer credit form. The graduate coordinator will ensure the student is on the graduation list for the correct term.

The registrar's office will record transfer credit and degree earned.

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