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Information regarding managing Standard Periods of Non-Enrollment (SPNs)

Training: Graduate Student Withdrawals (updated 2019)

Withdrawal/Drop a ClassStudents who wish to withdraw or drop a class (but remain enrolled in other classes) need to simply fill out an add/drop form. During the add/drop period at the beginning of the term, they can also accomplish this through student-self service in PeopleSoft. 
Permanent Withdrawal from the UniversityStudents who wish to withdraw from the University should contact their Grad Coordinator or SAS Rep.
Temporary Withdrawal: Standard Period of Non-EnrollmentStudents who wish to take a term off should contact their Grad Coordinator or SAS Rep.  A standard period of non-enrollment indicates a student is taking a break, but plans to return. For federal enrollment reporting purposes, students in this status are reported as "withdrawn". It can be queried, so students can be tracked and encouraged to return. There is no current regulation that limits the amount of time a student can remain on an "SPN"
Temporary Withdrawal: Leave of Absence

Students who wish to take a leave of absence should contact their Grad Coordinator or SAS Rep. A leave of absence is generally treated no differently than a standard period of non-enrollment, however some students may prefer the term "leave of absence" instead of "withdrawal".  

A leave of absence for a graduate student is permitted at the discretion of the graduate coordinator, department chair, or dean of the school. The University may require a written statement from the student, and other documentation as may be appropriate, to support a leave of absence or withdrawal request.

A leave of absence must be initiated prior to the start of the term in which it is to be effective. Students must be in good academic standing to initiate a leave. A leave of absence cannot extend beyond one (1) year.