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About This Policy

Effective Date: April 2007
Last Updated: April 2007
Responsible University Office: President's Office
Responsible University Administrator: President

Policy Contact:

Assistant to the President

Policy Statement


Directors of Institutes/Centers serve at the pleasure of the Provost. Accordingly, all appointments will be made by the Provost of the University or her/his designee, which may be Dean, depending on the nature the activity. The Provost or her/his designee shall initiate recommendations for the appointment of Directors after careful screening of candidates in accordance with equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies and procedures and consultation with the Institute/Center faculty and other appropriate administrators and faculty. As a minimum, the consulting process shall provide all interested individuals adequate opportunity to submit confidential personal comments to the Provost.

Term of Office

The Director holds a tenure-track position within an academic department or equivalent academic unit and shall be appointed for a term as Director for a period not to exceed five-years. The Director is eligible for reappointment by the Provost. Before such reappointment, reviews and evaluations of the Director’s performance will be obtained from the unit faculty and from other appropriate administrative officers and faculty members.

Period of Duty

The Director will be appointed on the basis of a modified calendar year (ten months) since research, interdisciplinary activities and Institute educational activities extend beyond the periods in which classes are held. The Director is responsible at all times for the performance of directorial duties unless other arrangements are made in writing with the Provost. 

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