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About This Policy

Effective Date: October 1989
Last Updated: 2014
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Inclusion and Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact:

Amy McGaheran
Director of Human Resources


Vacation periods will be scheduled at times mutually agreeable to the staff members and their supervisors. Staff members will make arrangements whereby their responsibilities are covered during their absence. Department and administrative offices are to be staffed adequately during the summer months. Vacations may be taken continuously or at intervals, though the latter is preferred for adequate coverage.

All administrative and supervisory staff vacations are scheduled on a fiscal year basis (July-June). Administrative and supervisory staff accumulate twenty days of vacation during each fiscal year. All vacation earned during the current fiscal year should be completely used during the following fiscal year as vacations are not cumulative. During the fiscal year where an employee has reached their twentieth anniversary of employment, administrative and supervisory staff will accumulate twenty-five days of vacation for use during the next fiscal year.

Vacation for a new employee shall be prorated during the first fiscal year worked. During that first fiscal year, the employee shall earn vacation at the rate of one and two-third day for each month of employment. No vacation should be taken from the date of hire until July 1 of the next fiscal year as a new employee is accumulating vacation during this period. The following example illustrates the vacation accumulation for an administrative and supervisory staff member:

Employee A is hired on December 1. Employee A is not eligible for any vacation until the following July 1. At that time, Employee A will have accumulated the following vacation: one and two-thirds (days) times seven months (December - June) or twelve days of vacation. All twelve days of this accumulation should be taken during the period July 1 - June 30.

Assuming there are no breaks in service, Employee A will also be accumulating the full twenty days of vacation during that period July 1 - June 30. Employee A will then have twenty days of accumulated vacation to take during the next fiscal year July 1 - June 30.

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Policy Revision October 1989

Section Renumbered July 2011

Section Renumbered July 2012

Section Renumbered 2014

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