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First step is to log into your old UGC email account

Once you are in the UGC account, click on the Gear icon   and then select Settings.

.In Settings you should see the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

From that tab you should have the Forwarding section.  Click the Add a forwarding address button

Enter your new Clarkson email address:  in the Add a forwarding address box and click Next

Click the Proceed button.  An email will be sent to your Clarkson account asking you to confirm that you want to allow the forwards to occur.  Open your Clarkson email account and the email sent and click on the link in the email to allow the forwarding to occur. 

 This is important: you still have to go back into the UGC account after you confirm the forward and set the forwarding.  Go back into the UGC account, click the Gear and select Settings and the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.  Now click the Forward a copy radio button, select your address from the dropdown, and also select what you want to happen to the email that comes into the Clarkson account.  Most likely you want to delete the Union Graduate College Mail copy.