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  1. We currently use Moosh ( to create our user create  accounts, create courses, and course enrollments. 

  2. Information from our Campus Solution Software gets sent over to one of our Moodle Web servers which has a moodlecron running to run user adds, user/course enrolls, and course creations. 

    1. Our course creation bash script that script  is run by moodlecron every 15 minutes.  
      The contents of the file follows the pattern below.
      1.  (  /usr/local/moosh/moosh.php -n --verbose -p /var/www/html course-create -c $categoryID -F 'topcoll' -i 'UNIV10001_F18' -f '$CourseFullName (UNIV10001_F18)' -v 'n' 'UNIV10001_F18'  )


  1. When moodle receives the "Create Course" trigger from our moosh process it look looks to the config.php file first to see if there is any "default block overrides". We currently have our's set to ($CFG->defaultblocks_override = '';) because we do not want duplicate blocks added to new courses.