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titleAbout This Policy

Effective Date: July 9, 2020
Last Updated: July 9, 2020
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Inclusion and Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact:

Human Resources

Applies to

This Policy applies to all Faculty and Staff across all University departments, Institutes, Centers and Schools. 


To define the University's policy on enforcement of COVID-19 policies and procedures and to establish guidelines for the enforcement process.


The University values the health and safety of its employees. Employee behaviors and practices will be critical to working safely in this “new normal”. All returning employees must comply with these policies, procedures and guidelines to keep the workplace safe.

To ensure a safe workplace, it is the University's policy to monitor and correct non-compliance of University policies and processes, negligence or any other employee behavior which is not in accordance with the policies and processes during this pandemic.

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The COVID-19 Enforcement procedure can be enforced for the following actions:

  • NOT wearing the required face coverings or personal protective equipment 
  • NOT following the social or physical distancing rules in the workplace 
  • NOT following the daily entry to work procedures
  • NOT completing the daily Clarkson daily interactions survey when exiting from campus
  • NOT following the restrictions of large gatherings or face-to-face meetings
  • NOT adhering to the safety protocols/signage for cleaning and disinfecting protocols  
  • Reporting to work even when:
    • They have symptoms of a respiratory illness, such as a temperature of 100.4°F or greater, cough, trouble breathing, or otherwise feel ill.
    • They have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
    • They have been near anyone diagnosed with or suspected of having the COVID-19 coronavirus within the last 14 days.
    • They or anyone they live with have traveled outside the approved areas.
    • They have not completed the Return to Work Safety Training and have not been approved to return to campus.
  • NOT following any new or changed policies, processes and guidelines/requirements set by federal, state, local authorities or by Clarkson University.

If you are aware of any deviations from Clarkson University’s COVID-19 policies, procedures and guidelines, please report the incident or violation through this link: You can also contact Human Resources directly at or 315.268.6497.

Failure to comply with COVID-19 policies will be putting your co-workers, the University and your community at risk. Therefore, it is necessary for the University to take progressive enforcement actions if you willingly disregard policies and procedures put in place for COVID-19. Enforcement actions will be determined based on the severity of which COVID-19 policy and/or procedure has been violated. 

Minor violations may result in progressive enforcement procedures.

Any violation deemed severe by the University may result in suspension and/or up to termination.

The COVID-19 enforcement procedure refers to the following progressive actionspossible actions, depending on the severity of the conduct:  

  • Informal Counseling/Coaching – conversation with the employee(s) who are not adhering to COVID-19 requirements; unofficially documented. 
  • Counseling and Verbal Warning – a conversation with the employee(s) who are not adhering to the COVID-19 requirements. Documented in personnel file. 
  • Second Counseling and Written Warning – a second conversation with the employee(s) who are not adhering to the COVID-19 requirements. Documented in personnel file. 
  • Final Written Warning – employee(s) not adhering to the COVID-19 requirements and have failed to take corrective behavioral actions after being counseled with one verbal and one written warning may be further disciplined including suspension and/or up to termination. 

Depending on the severity, any step may be repeated, omitted, or taken out of sequence; the University reserves the right to place the employee on suspension and/or up to immediate termination should the situation be warranted. Each case is considered on an individual basis by the department and Human Resources. 

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