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  • Contact the Helpdesk ( or x4357) to schedule a capture. 

  • Please include:
    • Your Clarkson username and full name
    • Course name/number, term and Moodle short name (if known).
    • Recording Schedule: start/end date(s), start/end times, frequency and room where you will capture.  If you are requesting to capture outside of your regularly scheduled class time, you will need to contact Room Reservations for room availability and reserve the room prior to scheduling the Echo recording.
    • Equipment: PRIOR TO RECORDING, you will need to obtain a wireless lapel microphone and a stylus for the classroom you plan to record.  They are avail available from the Help Desk during normal business hours. 

When you record with Echo 360:

  • Obtain a lapel microphone from the Help Desk, CAMP 171 prior to start of recording.
  • At start up, login to the podium PC or connect to VGA/HDMI dongle on the podium.  Launch any content you plan to present.  Turn on projector. 
  • Turn microphone belt pack ON and clip microphone to lapel. 
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  • Presenter can check to be sure wireless lapel mic is receiving voice signal. Look for Shure mic receiver in the podium.  Look for one steady and one flashing light to indicate Shure receiver is receiving voice signal.

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If lights are not activated, Transmitter is not communicating with Receiver.  More support is needed: Call Help Desk X6700 for classroom support.


Presenter can check that Echo is recording at the scheduled start time by locating the Echo 360 Unit in the podium (shown above).

  • Green light = Unit is in Stand By
  • Red Arrow light = Unit is recording

Classroom Support Instructions:

  • Group and Channel on Transmitter and Receiver must match.

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To manually set Receiver Group and Channel:


Make sure to watch/read the tutorial on how to use the Wireless Lapel Microphone: 

Using a Wireless Lapel Microphone in the Classroom

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