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titlePros & Cons of Using Safe Exam Browser

Before deciding to implement use of the SEB for student testing, consider the pros and cons below.


  • From an instructor's perspective, SEB serves it's purpose, which is to deliver secure

  • online assessments.
  • As long as the instructor has tested that SEB is working as expected in the venue
    where your students will be taking the test


  • Installing off-site or from a home computer-A small sample of student testers*
    found the installation of SEB to be a challenge. They encountered delays such as:
    • waiting for the configuration files to download,
    • having to pause and restart (sometimes more than once,
    • numerous pop-up windows,
    • restart required after browser installation.

*Once tested with a larger group of students, cons may be resolved or limited.

How SEB works for students