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  1. The academic department submits the courses they wish to offer along with the completed Supplemental Pay Authorization Form (for full‐time regular faculty members) to their Dean's office, who reviews for accuracy and necessary signatory approvals, and then forwards them to the Registrar's office for input into myCU.  Simultaneously faculty should assess preparation for online course delivery and reach out to The Teaching and Learning Corner* (TLC) for support.
  2. The Registrar schedules the courses, reserves the rooms, and obtains information from payroll regarding pay dates, etc. The Registrar then notifies the Department Chair of the course information.  Please note under the additional requirements to hire faculty who have not previously taught at Clarkson (see info block below).
  3. Once the above steps are complete, the Registrar sends the appointment letter to each individual faculty member, reminding them of minimum enrollments and related information.  Faculty are asked to sign and return to the Registrar's office.
  4. Once a signed letter has been returned, the Registrar reaches out to the Department Admin with request to initiate a Payroll Authorization (PA). A copy of the contract letter and Supplemental Pay Authorization Form should be attached to the PA.  The Registrar’s Office is the final approver on the payroll authorization, and does not approve them until the end of the add/drop period, after verifying course enrollment per the above guidelines. 

titleImportant Information
  • Once the course instructor has signed the contract letter, the course may only be canceled based on the low-enrollment guidelines provided above.
  • If you plan to hire someone who has not previously worked at Clarkson, you must consult Human Resources before a contract is issued.  Additionally, a reminder all payments must be paid as taxable wages to the respective employee through Clarkson’s payroll office, and any requests to divert these types of payments will be denied. 
  • As a reminder, students may not cross-register during the summer term (although faculty and staff are still permitted to do so).

titleTeaching Policy

Summer Teaching Policy

Registrar Office Workflow

Department/Dean’s Office Workflow

Department Chairs submit course offerings and supplemental pay authorization to Dean's office

Dean's office reviews offerings and forwards approved courses to Registrar's office. Dean's office reviews pay authorization for accuracy and completes the workflow.

Registrar’s Office enters course information into myCU and creates the class/room schedule.

Faculty assesses preparation for the course and reaches out to the TLC for support as needed
Registrar’s Office sends an appointment letter to each faculty member

Faculty signs and returns appointment letter to the Registrar's Office
Once appointment letter is returned, Registrar’s Office reaches out to Department Admin to initiate Payroll Authorization and attaches appointment letter.

Department Admin submits payroll authorization 
Registrar’s Office reviews course enrollment 2 weeks prior to the start of the term, and approves pay authorization (or cancels course).