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Moodle Board is a recent addition to Clarkson Moodle (2021). Board is a virtual bulletin board tool very similar to Padlet; , however, it is built right into Moodle. With the Board activity, you can place post its -it notes with text or media to share with your students, or you could have students share their post its with you and each other. For educational purposes, Board is an excellent tool for curating and sharing digital content, having discussions or debates, collaboration and creating class community.

Like Padlet, Board is very easy to use and can be used in many ways. Because Board is integrated with Moodle, the activity is available in the Add an Activity or Resource area of a Moodle course. Teachers can use common Moodle features such as Restrict access, Completion activity and Groups. In addition, posts are restricted to students in that course.

Step-by-step guide

Add a Board Activity

To add a Board activity to your Moodle course:

  1. navigate to the section where you want to have the activity,
  2. click on the Add an activity resource link in the bottom right corner of the section.

    1. Enter a name for your Board and fill in the description.
    2. Choose from a variety of Settings based on the type of assignment planned:
    3. Image Added

3. Once the Board activity has been added, and the options entered or selected, students will see a link to the Board:


5. Below the instructions are three Post it boards to get the class started in the Board Assignment. Board is laid out a in grid format of columns and rows. Note the Board Administration block is located to the right of the Boards. This block disappears when Course Editing is turned off. Students do not see this block, however, instructors can use the tools available for a variety of needs.

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6. To add a Post it to the right, click on the plus sign to the right of the existing post its. Post its can also be added in Rows. (see Adding Post its to Boards below)


Other Post it and Board Features

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 Reorganize Boards

  • Easily reorganize Boards by Drag and drop.
  • Click and hold anywhere on the Board post and drag.

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    • Rate post its by clicking on the star at the bottom
      of the post it.
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Using Board in the Moodle Classroom


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