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The attendance activity module enables a teacher (or students!) to take attendance during class and students to view their own attendance record.

The teacher can create multiple sessions and can mark the attendance status as "Present", "Absent", "Late", or "Excused" or modify the statuses to suit their needs.

Reports are available for the entire class or individual students.

More from Moodle Docs:

The following work flow allows students to record their own attendance in class using Moodle Attendance activity and an automatically generated password.  Follow along as Prof Andriano walks through set up, as well as using the process in class to take attendance.

3/1/2019 Webinar Video Recording (47:33 min)

<iframe height="360" width="640" allowfullscreen frameborder=0 src=""></iframe>


1) Add Attendance Activity to your course:

  1. Turn Editing On
  2. Add Activity/Resource
  3. Select Attendance
  4. Save and Return to Course

2) Add Sessions:

a) Set Status: identify the status and points you want to use.  If allowing students to take own attendance, you can limit the time they can access session in the Available for students column.  Select a status that will auto select if students do not select a status (absent).  

b) Add Session: Create 1 or multiple sessions.  Check Allow students to record own attendance, select Automatic marking: Set unmarked at end of session, and check Student Password: Random password

3) Take attendance: At start of class, instructor logs in to Moodle, click to course, click on Attendance activity, click day's session, and click key icon to generate password.  Write password on the board for students to enter.  

Student logs into Moodle, clicks to course, click on Attendance activity, and enters password.  In this example, student will need to enter password within first 10 minutes of class start time.

Attendance Highlights:

Multiple sessions:

  •  This function allows you to create multiple sessions in one simple step.
  • Session Start Date: Select the start date of your course (the first day of class)
  • Session End Date: Select the last day of class (the last day you want to take attendance).
  • Session Days: Select the days of the week when your class will meet (for example, Monday/Wednesday/Friday).
  • Frequency: This allows for a frequency setting. If your class will meet every week, select 1; if it will meet every other week, select 2; every 3rd week, select 3, etc.


 Once you have your sessions added, you can delete known exceptions for breaks, holiday, etc. :


Set all attendance buttons






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