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  1. Login to the Announcements Dashboard
  2. Create a new post or if you already have a preexisting post, navigate to the post and edit it.
  3. Click on the tab on the right side of the WYSIWYG editor click the "Text" tab
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  4. Place your cursor where you would like the button to go
  5. copy HTML button of the block
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  6. Copy and paste this code into the editor and it should look like the image below
    1. <!-- Button code -->
      <div title="Add to Calendar" class="addeventatc">
          Add to Calendar
          <span class="start">12>06/1301/20182019 08:00 AM</span>
          <span class="end">12>06/1301/20182019 10:00 AM</span>
          <span class="timezone">America/New_York</span>
          <span class="title">Change to Event Title</span>
          <span class="description">Change to Event Description</span>
          <span class="location">Change to Location of Event</span>

    1. Image Added
  7. Format the start and end date as seen above with the correct data
  8. change Change "Change to Event Title" to the title of your event
  9. change Change "Change to Event Description" to your description of the event
  10. change Change "Change to Location of Event" to the location of your event
  11. change the view back to the "Visual" WYSIWYG editor and publish/update your post
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  12. After saving, view your post and test out your new Add to Calendar button
  13. It is important that you do not change any of the <div> or <span> areas as these are necessary for the button to work


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