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Policy & Impact

Undergraduate students are assumed to be full-time, unless SAS the Registrar's office is notified otherwise. Undergraduates wishing to enroll part-time, must receive approval from their Academic Department (this ensures proper advising).

The Front End Process

The Back End Process


  • Regarding Invoicing:
    • SAS 100 is added to students whose "Approved Load" is Full Time, but who haven't enrolled in at least 12 credits. The invoice should accurately reflect the student's approved load
    • Tuition is assessed per credit hour when a student is less than full-time. For accurate tuition, SAS 100 is added
    • Some fees are assessed based on the number of credits a student is enrolled in, but other fees are based on the student's approved load
  • Regarding Financial Aid:
    • The FA office must manually adjust the aid package of any student attending less than full time
      • The FA office relies on the Registrar's office to notify them when a student has been approved to attend part-time
    • The FA office uses enrollment in the SAS 100 course to drive the placement or release of a service indicator which will block aid disbursement
      • Prematurely dropping SAS 100 (prior to approval from the academic department) will result in aid being improperly disbursed.
  • Regarding Enrollment Reporting:
    • The Clearinghouse reports are based on "actual load" not "approved load" 
      • Actual load refers to the number of credit hours a student has actually enrolled in, regardless of their approved load
      • Approved load is set at both the program, and term level, while actual load is term driven.  Both are viewable from the Student Center