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  • Using a Wireless Lapel Microphone in the Classroom

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Step-by-step guide

  1. Check out a Wireless Lapel Microphone unit for the Semester from the Help Desk, CAMP 171.
  2. Arrive to the classroom you are teaching in early (5-10 minutes)
  3. Power on the Microphone
  4. Check that the battery indicator light is Green
    1. If red, change batteries (carry extra batteries with you)
  5. Open compartment door on pack.  Check that the Group and Channel on the microphone and the unit in the room match. You will need to locate the unit in the room inside the podium. If lights are flashing, connection is good.

    1. If the channel of the microphone does not correspond with the channel in the room you are in, adjust it.

    2. Adjust by opening the Microphone Compartment.

      1. Hold the group button on the receiver until the display begins to flash.

      2. While the display is flashing, press the group button again to advance to the desired group.
      3. To manually set Channel, follow the same steps above using the channel button instead of the group button. 
  6. Attach the lapel microphone close enough to pick up your voice. (Usually on the collar of your shirt)
  7. At the end of lecture, turn off microphone. 


  1. If you find the voice levels in your recordings need to be adjusted, you can do this by:
    1. Open compartment door on mic pack
    2. Turn knob up slightly.  CAUTION: Do not turn it all the way up, voice distortion will result.

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