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If you have a lot of content on your page, and you want to create quick links to jump to different sections (or titles) on your page.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Make sure you're on the page you wish to edit, or to create the quick links on.
    1. Insert the content that you wish to have linked. If the content is already created, disregard this step.
  2. Create the quick links section at the top by inserting a List Block.
    1. To create a list block, click the round symbol with the plus sign in it.
      Image Added
    2. Select the List icon under Most Used or Common Blocks. You can also use the search to find it.
    3. Add the words that you want to use to describe the sections you are linking too.
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    4. Now, make sure you link each bullet with the ID you're naming the section.
      1. Highlight the word.
      2. Click on the linking chain.
      3. Type the following: #nameOfSection.
        1. The # (number sign, pound, hash, or hashtag) declares the ID.
        2. Make sure the ID is named appropriately to your link so you know what section your links go to.
        3. If you have the title as Landscape, name the ID #landscape.
        4. It will appear as such in the link bar:
          Image Added
        5. Click the arrow pointing left (apply button). This will make sure the link is finalized.
      4. Remember, you are linking to the ID of the section you want your readers to go to.
    5. Make sure each of the sections you are linking too, have a title.
  3. Insert an HTML Block before the title of the section.
    1. Once you've clicked the Custom HTML icon, it will look like this:
      Image Added
    2. Copy paste this code into the HTML Block:

      Code Block
      <span class="anchor-space" id="nameOfSection"></span>

    3. In the code, where it says nameOfSection, there are a few things to note:

      1. ID's are case-sensitive. If your link is capitalized, please make sure the ID is capitalized as well.

      2. The best naming convention is camel case, which means that the first word should start with a lowercase letter, and the second or third word would be capitalized, like this: nameOfSection.

      3. The ID should be matching exactly to the link in the bulleted list, minus the # (number sign, pound, hash, or hashtag).
    4. The only thing you are to change is the nameOfSection part. Please keep the class name as is, do not change or remove it in anyway. This is what allows you to view all content you are jumping to.
  4. Your end goal should look like this on the editing screen: (minus the underlined red words because I used filler text...)
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