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Students may take a "standard period of non-enrollment" during their program at Clarkson. Students on SPN will not enroll in classes for a term, will be reported to the Clearinghouse as "withdrawn", and have no active relationship with the University.  A student may choose to go on SPN for various reasons, such as a major life or work related event, financial, or academic reasons.  SPN is not considered a permanent status, and a student may not remain on SPN for an indefinite period of time.  When an SPN is selected, a timeline for return should be discussed and decided upon. An SPN student will remain on active student lists, such as advisee lists, for up to one year.

General Timeline

A student may chose to go on SPN any time before attending classes for a term.  An SPN, by definition, is a minimum of 1 term, but can extend up to a full year if needed. An SPN should not extend beyond 1 year, unless approved by the academic department. 

Basic Steps

The student will contact their Grad Coordinator and request a standard period of non-enrollment. The student will be advised accordingly (academic and financial). 

The Grad Coordinator will notify the Registrar's office, which will update the student's record. 

In preparation for enrollment into the return term, a student on SPN will be reactivated and notified by the Registrar's office regarding the course enrollment process.  (The student can contact the Registrar's office, or their Grad Coordinator at any time, should their plans change.)

A student returning from SPN should contact their academic advisor, and enroll during the standard enrollment period whenever possible. Students who fail to enroll, and fail to respond to CU personnel may be withdrawn from their program.

A student who fails to return from SPN within 1 year, or ceases communication with the University, will be officially withdrawn.



  1. Perform data validation to ensure non-returners are not required to complete check-in
  2. Inform Grad Coordinator of non-returners gone for more than 1 year, and request guidance.
  3. Run clearance
  4. When term begins, update records to “return from SPN”
  5. Once new term begins, reach out to students planning to return for the next term. Provide important dates, and contact info. (Run Comm Gen process and manage responses)
  6. Inform Grad Coordinator when a student indicates a change of plans – request guidance if a student requests an SPN for more than 1 year.
  7. Publish the upcoming term’s Class Schedule, and term activate all students (continuing, and returning from SPN)
  8. Send standard enrollment information, and reminders. Place enrollment holds on student accounts, and direct students to their academic department for advising.
  9. Manage enrollment.
  10. Manage LEN holds. LEN holds are not added to SPN students as a courtesy.
  11. Send withdrawal reports daily
  12. Report accurate enrollment data to the National Student Clearinghouse


  1. Follow up with SPN students as needed (specific communication to students who have taken two consecutive SPN terms)
  2. Communicate student changes to the Registrar’s office
  3. Send a Withdrawal form to the Registrar’s office for new SPNs or to update records when a student permanently withdraws


  1. Add BIL service indicator to prevent a bill from generating for SPN students who do not enroll.
  2. Monitor non-enrollment and remove BIL indicator as needed