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At Clarkson we are using Duo for Two-Factor Authentication, an advanced method for securing your accounts and verifying your identity on Clarkson systems.  It works by utilizing an additional form of account protection such as a cell phone or separate hardware token in addition to your username and password.  This prevents anyone but you from accessing your Clarkson resources even if your password becomes known.

Currently we support three forms of additional authentication:

  1. Push notifications on a cell phone through the Duo app, also known as a "Duo Push" (Strongly Recommended)
  2. Entering a security key generated by the Duo app on your cell phone
  3. Entering a security key generated by a Duo hardware token
For options 1 and 2, please follow the setup instruction below, labeled "


Up Duo using your mobile Device."  While we strongly recommend using the Duo app on a mobile device, if you prefer to use a separate Duo hardware token, please contact the IT HelpDesk to schedule a time to pickup a hardware token and have your account configured.Setting

up Duo using your mobile device

To enroll your account in Duo or to make changes to your second factor devices after you're enrolled, visit

  • Enter your username and password into the standard Clarkson Login page.

  • You will then be presented with a Duo Dialog.  Click Start Setup.

  • In this section, we are setting up a mobile device

  • If you select Mobile Phone, you will be prompted to enter your phone number, and select the type of device it is


  • If you select Tablet you will be prompted only for the device type.

  • At this point you will be prompted to Install the Duo app on your mobile device.  In your devices app store, search for Duo Mobile and install the app.  Once you have the app installed, click "I have Duo Mobile Installed"

  • You will be presented with a QR code on your screen.  Open the Duo app on your phone and take a picture of the QR code

  • Select your preferences on the following screen and click "Continue to log in"

Setting up Duo Using a Duo Hardware Token

Duo hardware tokens must be provisioned by the IT HelpDesk.  If you need to use a token instead of your mobile device please contact the IT HelpDesk to schedule your set up.

Logging in to a Duo enabled account

  • Periodically you will be required to authenticate with Duo in addition to entering your username and password.  You will be presented with one of the following dialog boxes, depending on the options you chose during setup.  

  • If you are authenticating using push notifications, authorize your login on your mobile device.  If you are authenticating with a passcode, retrieve it from the Duo app on our mobile device or from your hardware token. 
    *** Please note, when entering a passcode you must Click on the green "Enter a Passcode" button before the application will allow you to enter the passcode from your device.

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