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  • activate a Clarkson Zoom account- go to:, Click Sign In, and opt for Clarkson Sign On. 

  • activate a Clarkson Echo360 account- go to:, and follow prompts to sign in using Clarkson Single Sign On. 

To share recordings created in the Zoom cloud to students:

OPTION I: Instructors can publish Zoom Cloud recordings to their Course in Echo, and it will appear in Moodle through External Tool link

To Set UP:
  1. Schedule the Zoom meeting you plan to use for all your classes and choose to record to the cloud. 
  2. Add External Tool in your Moodle Course (here's how).
  3. From Moodle, at the External Tool link you added in your Moodle course, click to see your Echo course, then click wheel icon drop down and Account Settings button located in upper right menu. 


All future Zoom cloud recordings will publish here for your students to access.

Option 1 alternate:  To Share Recordings Individually:

For each recording, locate desired recording in Echo in Library. Click on desired recording to view.