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  • Configuring Wireless Using OS X / macOS
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Guest and General Access

Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the network (SSID) ClarksonUniversity (Wi-Fi Menu → choose ClarksonUniversity).

You are now connected.

Secure and Elevated Access

It's possible to secure your wireless connection using WPA2 Enterprise. In some cases, this connection will also provide elevated access to on-campus resources.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to

    If you receive any certificate or verification errors, please stop the process and contact the IT HelpDesk.

    Click Download the ClarksonSecure profile and open the file when it finishes downloading.

  2. When the dialog appears, click Show Profile.

  3. Ensure Verified shows and click ContinueIf Verified does not show, tap Cancel and contact the IT Helpdesk.

  4. Enter your AD username and password and click Install. Never type your credentials into a non-verified or untrusted service. Your Mac may also ask you to input the credentials you use to login to your Mac since you are making a system change.


  5. You may now connect to ClarksonSecure from the Wi-Fi menu.