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  • Moodle Group Assignment: Workflow for Grading One Submissions & Return to All

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You can use the option in Moodle to submit in groups but require only one group submission. When the grader grades, all of the group members can receive the same grade as the one group submission and the feedback file

Step-by-step guide

#1 In the Assignment settings, scroll down to Group submission settings

  • Choose options as shown below.

#2 Next scroll down to Common module settings

  • Choose group mode and grouping

#3 The grader can just select the group and View all submission

#4 Then they select just one of the group submissions to grade (not showing student name to select to the left of the red checkmark)

  • The grader will then download the one file for grading, grade it and then follow the steps in #5 below to return the graded file to all students in the group by narrowing to the group and selecting all in the group.

#5 Follow the steps below to Give the same feedback file to multiple students

Note: in step 4, the grader may select just one group or one student at a time.

The above is a screenshot from this page in Moodle Docs )

The image in #5 above is from this page in Moodle Docs  Find more information on customizing assignment grading on this page.