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This article and video will go over how to navigate Moodle and some basic functions of Moodle as Clarkson's Learning Management System. The article will go over the Moodle Dashboard, Moodle Course Pages, the Moodle Navigation Bar.

Table of Contents

What is Moodle?

Moodle is Clarkson’s Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle hosts online courses, materials, and allows professors to provide course information to students

Moodle Dashboard

The Moodle Dashboard is the Homepage (Current Page) and shows recently accessed courses and courses currently enrolled in.

Navigation Bar

  1. Use the navigation bar to quickly navigate different pages of Moodle, different courses, and Clarkson resources 
  2. Use the "Dashboard" Tab to return to the Moodle Dashboard which shows recently accessed courses and courses you are enrolled in                                                                                                                                                                           
  3. Use the “My Courses” tab to navigate to another course, and see a list view of courses you are enrolled in

4. Use the “Quick Links” tab on the Navigation Bar as shortcut to quickly access myCU, your Clarkson Email, Clarkson  Zoom, the Helpdesk, and more

Moodle Course Page

Navigation Bar -This Course

Use the “This Course” tab, on the Navigation Bar to see other participants in the course, check assignments, check grades, access course resources

My Quick Resources Block

The My Quick Resources block can be different for each course, use the My Quick Resources block to access important course information, university policies, and university learning resources. 

Instructors add different types of blocks to their course depending upon their needs. You might see one kind of block in one course and a different type of block in another course. For example, you might see:

  • Search forums block if your course has many online forums.
  • Quickmail block if your professor wants you to be able to send email right from the course.

Moodle Success Tip

Moodle Success Tip

If you scroll down a Moodle Course page, you can find more information about assignments and other course materials. Click on the Section Headers (Getting Started), to expand the section to show more information.

Make sure to read all information and instructions your professor gives you carefully.

Moodle Course - Activities & Sections


Each of the sections within a course are content modules. These sections contain everything you need to complete your work, including but not limited to overviews, instructions, assignments, activities, lectures, Often, sections are organized by week or topic.

Click on the Section Headers, to expand or collapse a section.


Instructors can add different types of activities for students. Some examples of Moodle activities are: a Forum, assignment, quiz, link to a reading, video link to view. Activities are underlined and hyperlinked and also have an icon next to them

Moodle Quick Resources

Moodle Quick Start - Learn how to reach the Clarkson Intranet, Clarkson Moodle Page, and about the basics of Moodle.

Moodle Quick Accomplish Learn how to submit an assignment, take a quiz, and check grades for a course within Moodle.

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