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NEW!! Courses will begin appearing in Echo 20 days before the first day of class. Please return to complete the linking at that time. 

  • For Winter Qtr 2023: courses will begin appearing 12/14/22.
  • For Spring 2023, course will appear 12/23/22. 


#1 and #2: Set up instructions for instructors using Zoom to meet with students for online synchronous class session and sharing Zoom recordings using Echo360 in Moodle, follow steps one and two below. 

#2 only: Set up instructions for instructors using Echo360 for lecture capture and sharing those recordings in Moodle, follow step two below. 


At set up:

Login to your course in Moodle:, Turn Editing On:

1) click the Zoom: Meeting Room link found in the Course Meetings & Recordings space in your Moodle course. Schedule a New Zoom Meeting according to your class schedule.

2) SEE 'NEW!!' NOTE ABOVE: click the Echo360: Recordings link in your Moodle course, at Echo360's prompt select matching course, section and term. Click blue Link button. (Note: if your course/section is not listed at the Echo360 prompt, contact for assistance.)

Each time class meets:

  • Instructor and students click the Zoom: Meeting Room link inside your Moodle course to start/join the Zoom session for your class session. Click Record to Cloud. When class is over, end meeting. 
  • Later students will find the recording at the Class Recordings/Lectures link automatically!

Video Tutorials: Follow along for step by step instructions to create your Zoom meeting from within Moodle, connecting your Echo360 and Moodle courses, and once set up is complete - where to direct students to access your Zoom recording in Moodle.  

Part 1. Instructors: create recurring Zoom meeting room and complete linking to Echo360 recordings (from steps one and two above).

Part 2. Instructors host a Zoom meeting and record to the cloud. 

Part 3. Instructors and students: view completed recording at link in Moodle.