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  • Downloading & Installing Matlab for Faculty/Staff

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  1. In your browser navigate to Fill in the fields as required, using your Clarkson email account. Change "How will you use MathWorks software?" to "Academic use (including campus/site license use)". 


2. An email will be sent to your Clarkson email account. Click on the blue "Verify Email Address" button in the email that you receive. Fill in the additional requested information including the license/activation key that you can find at Click the blue create button at the bottom. You can close out the screen/tab that opens.



3. Navigate to Click on the blue button that is labeled R2015a.


4. Choose the Operating System that you are using. Your download will begin. You may need to click on the downloaded file in the downloads window or task bar at the bottom of the screen to run the file.



5. Click on run.



6. Click on "Yes" to allow changes to me made to your computer. You will see a download window.



7. The radio button should be next to "Log in with a MathWorks Account". Click Next.



8. Place the radio button next to yes and click Next.



9. The radio button should be next to "Log in to your MathWorks Account" Enter your Clarkson email address and the password you created for your MathWorks account. This may not be the same as your AD password, depending on what you set it to.



10. The radio button should be next to "Select a License" and that "Total Academic Headcount Campus" is highlighted in blue. Click Next.



11. Leave the default settings on this screen. Click Next.



12. By default, all toolboxes will be selected. Uncheck those toolboxes you don't wish to have installed. Click next.



13. Place a check mark next to the locations that you would like a short cut created.



14. This screen confirms your prior choices. Click Install.



15. This is a large file and it will take awhile to download.



16. Click Next.



17. Make sure Activate MATLAB is checked and click Next.



18. Click Next.



19. Click Confirm.



20. Click Finish.



21. Your Matlab installation is complete!


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