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  • Student Migration to Google Apps for Education (Gmail)

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Who: All Students

What: A migration of campus email and calendaring systems to Google Apps for Education (Gmail).

When: August 3, 2015

Details: The Office of Information Technology will be migrating campus email and calendaring systems from our current solution, Microsoft Exchange, to Google Apps for Education. Google Apps provides a new feature rich email client (Gmail), unlimited storage capacity and a suite of tools allowing students additional collaborative opportunities.  The migration will take place for all students on Monday, August 3.

Please note: your email address will not change and all of your email will be transitioned to Gmail for you!

Before you can access your Google Apps account you must first reset your Active Directory (AD) password. You can find instructions for changing your password in the OIT Knowledge base here: To learn how to access your Gmail or Drive account please visit:

On August 3, 2015 you will find that all of your calendar and contacts have been migrated into Google Apps, along with your most recent two weeks of email.  At that point, you should begin using Google Apps as your primary Clarkson email account–new emails will not be delivered into MyMail.  Older mail will continue to be migrated over the next couple of weeks.

Please contact the IT HelpDesk with any questions or problems at 315-268-4357 or The IT HelpDesk is located in CAMP 171A and is open Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.