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In a Q & A forum, students will not be able to see each other’s posts for 30 minutes after they post their response to the instructor’s question. The instructor must post first to begin the discussion. One way to get started is to make a list of your discussion questions and add them to each week at the start of the semester.

Step-by-step guide

Add a New Discussion

  1.  In the discussion area, click on the link to Add a new discussion
  2. Copy & paste (or type) the title of the discussion forum into the Subject area of your post. (ex. Questions: Two Major Fuel Energy Concerns) Note: Use Ctrl Key + V key to paste in Moodle!
  3. Copy and paste, (or type) the text of the question into the description area. (ex. Discuss the impact of the following on the use of coal for the generation of electric energy?)
  4. Click Submit

Student View

 Your post will look like the following to students:


Students will click on the Title of the forum (above) which is linked to the questions and an area for them to reply. They will see the following and enter their responses.



PDF Version of ADD A NEW DISCUSSION to a Q & A Forum

Note: It is okay to have the questions for discussion within the forum instructions, however, you will still need to make the first post.

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