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  • Select the Budget Management homepage


  • Select the Project/Grant Budget Dashboard tile


  • Choose Create / Modify groups of projects/grants

  • Enter the name of the Group you are creating

  • Enter the Unit (CLKSN for 5-digit projects / CLKGM for 6-digit Grants)

  • Enter the 5-digit Project number or 6-digit Grant number

  • For multiple projects/grants, hit the + button (at the project level) and add a row for each additional project/grant

  • Select Save & Return

  • Select for the Group that should be the default when you initially launch the Project/Grant Dashboard
  • Use the  button at the Group level to add/remove groups
  • Use the  button at the project level to add/remove projects/grants
  • Use the  button to search for valid values
  • Use the  navigation to toggle between groups
  • Use the drop-down to choose the Group you wish to review

The resulting screen should look similar to this example.  

  • For grants, you are allowed to spend up to the amount of the Budget.
  • For projects, you are allowed to spend up to the amount of the Revenue.
  • Use the icon to download a grid to Excel
  • Use the button to drill down to the transaction level



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