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  • Connect to the VPN with Windows/macOS/Linux
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If you are using Windows, macOS / OS X (Apple), or Linux, and need to connect to Clarkson's VPN, please click on the following link and follow the directions provided.

You will need an active AD account to access the VPN website. Once you are logged in you should be redirected to our VPN webpage. If the webpage does not auto-detect your desktop operating system please click on "Using a different Operating System?" and choose your operating System.  

On Windows:

Once the VPN is downloaded you will need to open up the Cisco AnyConnect client. Type in for the VPN name and then click "connect" then you will need to enter in your Clarkson username and password. 

On Ubuntu 16+ 

Download the vpnc client (probably avaliable via aptitude/apt-get) instead of using the AnyConnect client. 
Follow these instructions below and let me know if it does or do not work.

-- [[Ubuntu 16+]]
-- dependencies: install vpnc, vpnc-scripts, network-manager-vpnc
-- [sudo service network-manager restart] (may not be required)
-- Network manage -> Edit connections -> Add Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc)
-- gateway:
-- username: CU Username
-- user password: CU password
-- group name: clarkson 
-- group pswd: clarkson

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