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Budget Revisions must receive prior approval. (Section 200.308) These include:

  • Changes in the amount of approved cost-sharing.
  • Transfer of funds budgeted for participants support costs to other categories of expense.
  • Subawarding, transferring, or contracting that was not described in the application and funded in the approved award, except for supplies, materials, equipment, or general support services.

Disengagement from the project for more than three months or a 25% reduction in time devoted to the project by the approved project director or principal investigator requires prior approval. Disengagement refers to the level of the PI’s involvement with project activities, not the PI’s actual presence on campus.

Other Modifications Requiring Pre-Approval are the Same. Modifications that continue to require pre-approval (under the OMB Circulars and the Uniform Guidance) are: change in the scope or objective of the project, change in key personnel specified in the application, and the inclusion of costs that require prior-approval.

Section 200.308(d). Prior written approval for certain costs can be waived by the agency.

Action Plan

  • To initiate a change in your program plan or budget after award, contact your Division of Research Grants Management Specialist.
  • Division of Research is updating reference material referring to previous OMB guidance to refer to the Uniform Guidance information. (Shannon Robinson)







  • To be completed.