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  • OMB has granted a grace period to allow time for implementation - July 1, 2016.
  • A prescriptive list of 5 procurement methods are provided including:
    • “Micro-purchase” - up to $3,000 without competition.
    • “Small-Purchases” - $3,000 to $150,000
      • Purchases over $3,000 must be competitive in some way.
      • For all procurements above the micro purchase threshold of $3,000 must document competition.
  • Agency pre-procurement review: Agency may request and review procurement documents prior to purchase when procurement is expected to exceed the Simplified Acquisition Threshold and other certain circumstances apply. Entity may be exempt if agency determines procurement systems comply with the standards of Section 200.324.

Under Discussion

  • Requirements and impacts with the upcoming procurement Uniform Guidance requirements.
  • Investigate the right procurement solution that is compliant yet customer focused (fast, easy, self-directed) and minimizes the administrative burden. 
  • The University needs to begin evaluating Uniform Guidance procurement implementation options by March 2015; potential university-wide impact. (Shannon Robinson)
  • M/Wbe improvements should forge ahead separately. (TBD)


Procurement Claw Sections (200.317 - 326)


Procurement Claw Sections (200.320)