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Blocks are very similar to rows, with paragraphs inside, and are easily editable.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click on where it says "Start writing or type / to choose a block ".
  2. Once there is content in it, it will be outlined in a thin grey border if your cursor (mouse) is still blinking within to type.
    1. Below, you see an image of what the block looks like while your cursor (mouse) is still within the block, typing a paragraph.
    2. There are several icons here, and even more settings to describe and work with. On the far left hand side, you have the paragraph symbol. If you click on this, you will be able to change the type of text from paragraph type, to a title.
      It will look like this originally, but when you hover over this, it will change to a rotating symbol: This symbol is asking if you want to change the block type by showing a drop down list. It will allow you to change from a paragraph to a list, a heading, a quote, preformatted, or a verse. These are different types of formats that WordPress allows you to work with as far as paragraphs goes.
    3. There are more options, such as alignment:
      1. Left alignment (first icon)
      2. Center alignment (second icon)
      3. Right alignment (third icon)
    4. You also have the Bold and Italics options as well, to emphasize your font.
    5. This is the button that you would click to link from one page to another:
      1. You can do this two ways, by highlight the word you wish to link and then click on the chain icon and pasting your url in the box provided.
      2. Or, you can hit the bottom, and then click on the gear setting within the box. This will allow you to search through the available pages, name the link, and paste the url without having to highlight words.
    6. Next, is the strikethrough icon. This icon will allow you to give a line through the words that you want removed (and for some reason can't) or if you're making a correction, or if you're being witty.
    7. The vertical ellipses is the optional settings that are at the end of each block. These are the settings for the block itself:
      1. These settings allow you to duplicate the style of the block, including if you had a title and a paragraph inside of one block.
      2. The Insert Before & After allow you to move the block your working on to the block before, or to the block after. It basically allows you to move it.
      3. Edit as HTML allows you to look at the HTML structuce, which was formally known as "text". 
      4. Add to reusable blocks means that you can reuse the same block all over the site, in different pages or posts.
      5. Remove block means to delete the current block you are working on.
  3. On the right hand side, there is the settings block that appears:
    1. This block allows you to change the font size, the color settings of the text, and if you understand HTML & CSS, the advanced option allows you to pick a CSS class.