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  • How to Apply Categories & Tags on Announcements

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With the new editor, there have been changes applied, and this option (to apply categories to a page or post, and where to send them to) now resides on the right hand side of the page, in a settings block that is toggled by a gear at the top right.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To select the categories necessary, on the right hand side of the page, you will see an option menu like this:
    1. Below the Status & Visibility, there is the Categories Option.
    2. Click on this to expand the menu.
    3. Select the appropriate categories to send the post to it's destination.
  2. To apply tags to a post, find the Tags listed.
    1. Click on it to expand the menu.
    2. Starting typing the tags that you need for the post. The list is:
      1. Athletics
      2. Benefits
      3. Events
      4. Facilities
      5. General
      6. Human Resources
      7. Ignite
      8. Job Announcements
      9. News
      10. OIT
      11. Payroll
      12. Research
      13. Safety & Security
      14. Seminars & Colloguiums
      15. Service Excellence
      16. Students