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  • How to install Microsoft Project Professional from the Microsoft Azure sight.
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Go to and click the Sign In button.

You may be redirected to another Sign In page or account selection  page like. If so, make sure you select your Clarkson University account and login with your Clarkson credentials.

Once logged in, you should see a screen that looks similar to the image at the right.  

Click on either the Software icon in the navigation under the Quick Start nenu, or the View All option on the far right under the Get software heading.

In the list of software, you should Find Project Professional 2019 and Project Professional 2016.

If you wish, you can enter “Project” in to the Search field above the software list and hit enter to a short list like the image to the right.

Click on the version of Project that you want and the right hand side you will see a Preview description.

Click on the button to reveal the product registration key which you will need later - so you may want to copy/paste that in a Work document or notepad.

Click on the button and once the download in complete, launch the installer.

NOTE:  You may need “elevated” or admin rights to install the software.  

If you are using a University owned computer, please contact the helpdesk for assistance if needed.