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Updating a TA:

  •  Before the TA has been submitted for approval, if a TA has been saved (but not submitted), you can update/delete it.
  • After the TA has been submitted, and then subsequently "sent back" by an approver. If a TA is sent back, the approver is required to add a comment, to provide you with further instructions.

Updating a Travel Authorization


Deleting a TA:

  •  A TA can only be deleted provided it is not associated to an expense report, fully approved, in the approvals process, or successfully budget checked. Basically, in order to delete a TA it has to have never been submitted for approvals, or if it has have been submitted, but an approver has sent it back to the employee.
  • If the TA has been successfully Budget Checked, you must cancel it, not delete it. This reverses the encumbrance.
  • Be careful when deleting a TA - the delete action is permanent, and it cannot be "rescued" if it was deleted in error.

Deleting a Travel Authorization