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Shure BLX14/CVL-H10 Mic system consists of three major components

1) Receiver - typically mount in the Podium/Lectern.

2) Transmitter (bodypack) - available at the OIT Helpdesk

3 Microphone (CVL Lavaliere clip-on mic) - available at the OIT Helpdesk

Note: The Transmitter and CVL Lavaliere clip-on mic) must be
checked-out at the OIT Helpdesk and returned each semester. 

They run on two AA batteries which must
be replaced when the charge runs out.

Check out: Lavaliere/Lapel Microphone tips

Transmitter (bodypack) 

① LED Indicator - Displays power and battery status (see Transmitter LED Indicators).

② power Switch - Toggles power on or off.

③ 4-Pin Microphone Input Jack (TA4 connector)

④ Antenna

⑤ group Button - Changes group setting.

⑥ LED Display - Displays group and channel setting.

⑦ channel Button - Changes channel setting.

⑧ Battery Compartment

⑨ Audio Gain Adjustment - Rotate to increase or decrease transmitter gain.

Note: Do not adjust the Group, Channel, or Gain settings on your own.
Please contact the
OIT Helpdesk. Changing these settings will most
likey cause interference with other microphone in nearby classrooms.