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  • Echo Cloud: Personal Capture to record from your desktop.
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Echo Personal Capture is a desktop recording application that is available to all Faculty and Staff.

Simply request an Echo account from the help desk, then download the Personal Application from Echo Cloud, and begin building your library of recordings.

Share the recordings publicly, or add them to an Echo course and share them inside your Moodle.

Click on the image below to view a video tutorial (6:50 min).

Once installed, here is a guide to the Desktop Personal Capture Application Screen. 

Before you begin:

Recommendation: Please allow 1-2 business days for OIT and you to complete the initial set up, orientation and testing prior to producing a final recording.

  • You must have an Echo 360 user account, and have a Course/Section in the current term associated with your account.  Contact the Helpdesk ( or x4357) if you need an account.

  • Please include:
    • Instructor full name: John Smith
    • Instructor email address:
    • Personal Capture: Yes
    • Course: (if known)
  • Once your account / course / section has been added, instructors log into, select your Clarkson email profile, enter password, follow instructions to download/install Echo360 Personal Capture application.

  • To record audio and video, you will need a microphone and camera installed on your system.

Step-by-step guide

Log into

Download and install the Echo 360 Personal Capture software.  Click the gear icon in upper right corner, select Downloads.  Select the download for your environment.  

Once installed, here is a guide to the Desktop Personal Capture Application Screen. 

Once you complete a recording, you have the option to Edit or Publish.  In Edit, you can cut segments from your recording.  When you are ready to Publish, click the Publish button.  

You will be prompted to log into Echo if you haven't already, and then you will need to give it a title and select the course/section to which you wish the recording be published to.  

OUTPUT: Select "Display/Video (Podcast/Vodcast/EchoPlayer).  Optimized for quality/full motion video" from drop down menu.  

Once you publish a personal capture recording, you will receive an email notice when it is available.