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Please note: If you do not wish to use RT (Request Tracker) to log a ticket, you can also email and that will automatically log a ticket.

Logging In

Members of the campus community can access the web interface for Request Tracker (RT) here: Users are authenticated using the Central Authentication Service (CAS), which leverages users' existing Active Directory (AD) username and password. Please use your AD username and password when prompted for NetID and password.

Home Screen

When you login to the Request Tracker system, you are greeted with a summarized listing of your currently open tickets.

Viewing the Status of an Existing Ticket

From the home screen, you can select an individual ticket to view its details by clicking on the ticket number or the subject.

Creating a New Ticket

Creating a New Ticket via the Web

You can also open a new ticket, by clicking on the "New ticket" link on the left-hand side.

You will have to select a Queue for your new ticket.  For IT-related things, select OIT::General

Now you can enter information about the ticket.

Creating a New Ticket via Email

For IT, can also create a new ticket by sending email to

For HR, can also create a new ticket by sending email to

Creating a New Ticket via Phone

If your request is of an urgent nature, you can always call the staff of the Service Center at 315.268.4357.

Updating a Ticket

You have two methods available for you to provide updates to a ticket: via the web interface and via email.

Updating a Ticket via the Web

To update a ticket via the web, click on the ticket to view its details. Then click on the "Reply" link.

Use the resulting interface to provide your update and then click submit:

Updating a Ticket via Email

To update a ticket via email, simply reply to the email that you received when your ticket was created. To ensure that your update is processed properly, please consider removing any message history that your email client may include in this reply.

Re-Opening a Previously Resolved Ticket

If your ticket has been closed and your issue reappears or has not been fully resolved, you can reply to any email message associated with the ticket. This reply will cause the ticket status to change to "open", thereby prompting the previously assigned support representative to continue working the problem.