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  • Approving/sending back a Travel Authorization or Expense Report

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First you must navigate to the Approve Transactions screen. Please note, this is a different screen from the Travel and Expense center where you create, view or modify your TAs and Expense Reports.

Adding a page to favorites in Peoplesoft

You will see all of the transactions needing approval listed on the next screen (both Expense Reports and TAs). Click on the Transaction ID field of the Transaction you wish to approve or send back.

The first thing you must check is that the Transaction has been budget checked and is in the "valid" status. If it has not yet been checked, you can click on the Budget Options hyperlink and choose Budget Check.

If the budget check fails, or if you have any other problem with the TA or Expense report you can send it back for further review. To do this click on the Send Back button. To Send Back you MUST first leave a comment with the reason you are sending the TA or Expense Report back.

If the TA or Expense Report is complete and you do not have additional questions, you can choose to approve it. Simply click on the Approve button.