How to access webspace/adweb from a Windows Computer

If you are on-campus with a Clarkson Owned laptop/desktop.

     1. Open a "File Explorer" window 

     2.    Access your personal webspace

            * Click on the (U:) Drive (Home) and click on "public_html" 

           Access a department, program, organization, club or project directory

            *  Click on the (S:) Drive (Data) and follow the path to your directory



If you are off-campus or on a personally owned laptop/desktop.


  1. You will need to be on Clarkson's Network
    1. Either plugged in via ethernet cable (on-campus), Wifi (on-campus), or VPN (off-campus)
    2. VPN Instructions: WindowsLinuxMaciPad/iPhone, or andriod

  2. Right Click on the Windows icon and click on "Run"
  3. Once the "Run" window opens type in the directory path you need to access

    1. Home Directories (Personal Web Space) 
      1. \\\shares\Home Directories\"username"\public_html
               *** Replace "Username" with your username" ***
    2. Classes
      1. \\\shares\Data\Classes\"Class Name"\public_html
    3. Clubs
      1. \\\shares\Data\Clubs\"Club Name"\public_html
    4. Programs
      1. \\\shares\Data\Programs\"Program Name"\public_html
    5. Projects
      1. \\\shares\Data\Projects\"Project Name"\public_html


(Example of connecting to a "Project")



If you are off-campus and not on a Windows computer 

      You will need to access 






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