Submitting a Abaqus job to the cluster is a little different than how you traditionally submit a job. Instead of creating and submitting a bash script via qsub you will use the "abaqus" command. When you run the abaqus command it will create all the output files in the directory you ran the command from. It is strongly suggested that you create a new directory for each job being submitted.

Create a test job

   Create an test input file
       * abaqus fetch -j e4
   Run abaqus with the proper settings
       * abaqus -j e4testjob memory="24 gb" -input e4.inp -cpus 24 -queue production.q:wall2560

example:    abaqus -j JobName memory="24 gb" -input INPUT_FILE.inp -cpus 36 -queue production.q:wall50400

Command Arguments

-j           =>  Job Name
memory  =>  Amount of allocated RAM 
-input     =>  The input file
-cpus     =>  Amount of CPUs
-queue   =>  Queue name
:wall      =>  Walltime in minutes