Effective Date: June 1985
Last Updated: 2014
Responsible University Office: Human Resources
Responsible University Administrator: Chief Inclusion and Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact:

Amy McGaheran
Director of Human Resources


I. Vacation Accumulation

The University vacation policy allows active general staff employees to earn vacation with pay. This vacation allowance is considered an earned right and not a privilege.

All hourly general staff vacations are scheduled on a fiscal year basis (July-June). Vacation for a new employee shall be prorated during the first fiscal year worked to be taken in the following year.

The following details the vacation accumulations and guidelines for general staff members.

Completion of
Years of Service
1-410 days
5-1015 days
1116 days
1217 days
1318 days
1419 days
15 - 1920 days
20 or more25 days

There will be no accumulation of vacation for an employee if they are not physically at work for at least one full day during a calendar month.

No vacation for general staff employees should be taken prior to completion of six months of employment. Vacations are not cumulative. Earned vacation must be taken in the year after which it was earned. 

II. Guidelines for Administering the University Vacation Policy

A. The University reserves the right to approve vacation periods.

B. In order for the initial month to be counted for vacation accruals, employment must begin on or before the tenth day of the month.

C. Vacation cannot be taken before it is earned.

D. Pay in lieu of vacation is not permitted.

E. Transfer of employees from one department to another will include transfer of their vacation credit.

F. Vacations normally should be scheduled on a calendar week basis. Vacations of more than two consecutive weeks will not be scheduled without special approval.

G. If a recognized University holiday occurs during an authorized vacation period, the holiday will not be charged as a day of vacation time.

H. Active part-time will earn vacation allowance on a pro-rata basis.

I. Temporary employees will not earn vacation allowance.

J. Active full-time and active part-time employees who resign in good standing and give proper notice will receive their unused vacation pay.

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Editorial Revision June 1985

Editorial Revision July 1987

Editorial Revision July 1989

Editorial Revision September 1993

Revised May 2008

Section Renumbered July 2011

Section Renumbered 2012

Section Renumbered 2014

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